1. Rene Almanza
    Rene Almanza
    Uriel Marin- Ballena
    Uriel Marin- Vengo del Agua y al Agua Regresare

    ARTECOCODRILO started out as a project among Mexican graphic artists. It was founded in the city of Oaxaca in 2005 by Rene Almanza with the intention of creating an independent space that would promote the production and distribution of drawing and graphic arts created by artists of his generation.

    The first step was to open an independent exhibition space with periodic shows. Following that, a workshop for graphic arts (called “Pata de Perro”- “Dog’s Paw”) was founded by Uriel Marin and David Dominguez.

    After a lively period of exhibitions that lasted for 3 years, ARTECOCODRILO moved from Oaxaca to Monterrey in 2008.

    In 2011 the ARTECOCODRILO EDICIONES were founded to promote the making of an archive of the work of the artists of the collective and help them publish their work.

    Throughout its history the collective has hosted more than 50 exhibitions in Mexico, the United States and Europe, consolidating its character as a platform for the proposal of new ideas and artists and as a reference point for Mexican graphic art at an international level.

    works: 1+2 Rene Almanza

               3+4 Uriel Marin

                 Daniel Berman

                 Arte Cocodrilo

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