1. Banksy street art.

    (Source: chameleon-dreams)

  2. Installation projects by Marie-Andrée Côté.

  3. Ceramic jewellery by Moko.

  4. Ceramic jewellery by Yiota Vogli, a visual artist and jewellery designer and maker from Greece.


  5. Olivia Jeffries makes delicate drawings on delicate matter. Old book’s pages, a typewriter, simple shapes and burned holes on paper are all part of her work.

    She says: “I aim to keep my drawings as understated as possible and try to suggest a larger narrative by pairing the primal and elemental qualities of ordinary shapes with my fascination for used paper and the dirt, stains and markings they accumulate over time." (from her website)

    You can find her work on her website, her blog or etsy .


  7. When diagrams become art ………..:)


  9. Favela paintings by Florent Espana.

  10. I was looking for something romantic today to match my mood and I came across Joao MT, whom I have been following in flickr for quite some time now. Not really romantic - except for the last picture above perhaps- but I thought I had to share it. A little bit of extravagance with colour sometimes and an interesting way to depict things- shapes, volume.

    Check out more of his work here, it’s worth it.